How To Sell An RV Online

RV’s, such as motor homes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, folding or pop up campers and truck campers market very well using today’s internet. Recreational vehicle sales have grown over the last few years since many people prefer to travel within the US, rather than risk going to another country. Since the demand is fairly high, the resale value is also holding up better than many things today. Why does the Internet work so well when it comes to selling a recreational vehicle? That is a simple answer, traffic, a single RV can be viewed by thousands of people every day, in many cases, tens or hundreds of thousands. If enough people see it, someone is going to want it, and most likely buy it. There are a few simple guidelines to follow to help you get the exposure that the internet can provide. You can even go to an RV show where you will have a chance to look at a wide range of models and interact with different dealers. Visit a campground, recreational vehicle car parks, and talk to some of the recreational vehicle owners and find out about their experiences with their RV. Consider subscribing to magazines that relate to RV or buy guides that showcase the different types of RVs and Motorhomes. Lastly, you can also rent an RV to get a taste of what it is to experience living and driving in one.

Make sure the RV is clean, and everything is in good working order, think for a minute like you are interested in buying it. You expect it to look good, and as close to new is possible, so make sure your RV fits that picture. Take lots of digital picture of the outside and the inside, since the interested buyer might be hundreds or thousands of miles away, your pictures will be the key to catching their interests. If they are interested enough from your pictures, they will probably make the trip to see it in person. I suggest at least 15 or 20 good quality color pictures from many angles, especially of the inside. Make a complete list of every feature that you can find on your RV, it will make it easier when you start to build the ad online. You can never list to much was far as description, details and features, this is a portion of what will get the attention of the prospective buyer.

Shop around online for an RV like or similar to yours, this will let you see what value the others are asking. Price is not the only factor to selling your RV, however it does help if it is priced competitively with others like it. Many of the classified RV websites can help you with financing for the new buyer, that will really help. Make sure you have more than one way to contact you, list a home phone and cell phone, and e mail address. Some web sites hide your e mail address, that is fine, however I suggest listing it in the description, so any prospective buyer can contact you however they feel the most comfortable. If there are better times to call, list that in the description also. You want to make it as easy as possible to get in contact with you, it only takes one missed buyer to have been the one that might have bought your RV.

The more the value of your Rv is worth, the more valuable it is to advertise it on the internet. I would suggest listing it with more than one online classified web site, since you will get more exposure. Look around at the big RV dealers, they are on almost every classified web site, they have found that it is worth the extra cost to advertise. Look around, there are several that don’t cost an arm and a leg, so you will be able to afford to advertise on more than one. I would also suggest that you consider having your RV featured on the web sites, as long as it does not increase the cost so much that you have to cut out a web site.


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