How To Sell An RV Online

March 13, 2009

RV’s, such as motor homes, fifth wheels, travel trailers, folding or pop up campers and truck campers market very well using today’s internet. Recreational vehicle sales have grown over the last few years since many people prefer to travel within the US, rather than risk going to another country. Since the demand is fairly high, the resale value is also holding up better than many things today. Why does the Internet work so well when it comes to selling a recreational vehicle? That is a simple answer, traffic, a single RV can be viewed by thousands of people every day, in many cases, tens or hundreds of thousands. If enough people see it, someone is going to want it, and most likely buy it. There are a few simple guidelines to follow to help you get the exposure that the internet can provide. You can even go to an RV show where you will have a chance to look at a wide range of models and interact with different dealers. Visit a campground, recreational vehicle car parks, and talk to some of the recreational vehicle owners and find out about their experiences with their RV. Consider subscribing to magazines that relate to RV or buy guides that showcase the different types of RVs and Motorhomes. Lastly, you can also rent an RV to get a taste of what it is to experience living and driving in one.

Make sure the RV is clean, and everything is in good working order, think for a minute like you are interested in buying it. You expect it to look good, and as close to new is possible, so make sure your RV fits that picture. Take lots of digital picture of the outside and the inside, since the interested buyer might be hundreds or thousands of miles away, your pictures will be the key to catching their interests. If they are interested enough from your pictures, they will probably make the trip to see it in person. I suggest at least 15 or 20 good quality color pictures from many angles, especially of the inside. Make a complete list of every feature that you can find on your RV, it will make it easier when you start to build the ad online. You can never list to much was far as description, details and features, this is a portion of what will get the attention of the prospective buyer.

Shop around online for an RV like or similar to yours, this will let you see what value the others are asking. Price is not the only factor to selling your RV, however it does help if it is priced competitively with others like it. Many of the classified RV websites can help you with financing for the new buyer, that will really help. Make sure you have more than one way to contact you, list a home phone and cell phone, and e mail address. Some web sites hide your e mail address, that is fine, however I suggest listing it in the description, so any prospective buyer can contact you however they feel the most comfortable. If there are better times to call, list that in the description also. You want to make it as easy as possible to get in contact with you, it only takes one missed buyer to have been the one that might have bought your RV.

The more the value of your Rv is worth, the more valuable it is to advertise it on the internet. I would suggest listing it with more than one online classified web site, since you will get more exposure. Look around at the big RV dealers, they are on almost every classified web site, they have found that it is worth the extra cost to advertise. Look around, there are several that don’t cost an arm and a leg, so you will be able to afford to advertise on more than one. I would also suggest that you consider having your RV featured on the web sites, as long as it does not increase the cost so much that you have to cut out a web site.


How To Select A Perfect Rv

February 10, 2009

There are several types of Recreational vehicles or RVs available in the market today. Each one boasts of different features, which suit some and are less attractive to others. No matter how varied they are, you have to select the recreational vehicle that best fits your needs and your budget. For any given type and size of recreational vehicles, there are wide range of prices amounting to thousands of dollars. If you have a budget, try to select a low-end range without the expensive peripherals like roof-air conditioner, an AC generator or a microwave oven.

Thus in order to buy an RV one must have a clear objective as regards to the price, features, accessories and equipments one is looking for. While shopping for an RV list down all the literature on it like the brand, model, size and price along with some descriptive comments on each. This will help you to narrow your search down to a few that suit your requirements. You can even go to an RV show where you will have a chance to look at a wide range of models and interact with different dealers. Visit a campground, recreational vehicle car parks, and talk to some of the recreational vehicle owners and find out about their experiences with their RV. Consider subscribing to magazines that relate to RV or buy guides that showcase the different types of RVs. Lastly, you can also rent an RV to get a taste of what it is to experience living and driving in one.

It is advisable that you learn as much as you can about RVs to avoid costly mistakes and choose the RV that’s right for you. The more information you gather, the easier it will be to match your needs to a particular type of RV. Also, ensure that you are familiar with all of the different types of RVs before you narrow down your selections.

There are two major types of RV types, which can be further subdivided:

Towed Rvs

Travel Trailers


Folding Camping Trailers

Truck Campers


After you have  selected the model and type of RV that you want, there are a few things to keep in mind before actually buying it. Avoid orphan RVs – There are more than 200 manufacturers of recreational vehicles offering multiple brands. The vicissitudes of the market often lead to many RV manufacturers going bust leaving behind discounted models called orphans. Despite their low prices, it is best to avoid these orphan brands as they may not have sufficient warranty nor will they spare parts if something were to go wrong. This would have you end up paying much more to repair the RV.Stick with brands that have a national network of authorized repair dealers – Even the best brands of recreational vehicles can have problems; you certainly do not need the headache of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dysfunctional RV and no authorize repair dealer to take care of it.

Finding Used RV Online

February 6, 2009

Shopping for used RVs online is becoming more and more famous in the United States, and the whole world. This growth is lead by the power and rapid growth of the Internet. A consumer in the market for used RVs, online is the best place to start at. Hundreds of dealerships and private sellers that promote their used RVs online are also clicks away. You are literally clicks away from thousands of used RVs, Used Travel trailers. Online used RV shopping, just like the typical used RV buying methods, the consumer should be equipped with some knowledge in regards to the market, and the products. Just like shopping for everyday purchases, the more stores you visit the better idea you have of the prices, and more understanding you have of the product. Most of us have at least once in the past year, gone shopping for item at two or three different shopping centers. And guess what, nine times out of ten, we end u finding that it would have cost us more if we bought it at the very first store. I can’t remember how many times I bought something, and I ended up finding it cheaper at the store next door. You should think used RVs online the same exact way.

When researching used RVs for sale online, you should visit virtual dealerships, and private party website. You should also consider the intermediary websites such as You can now using the Internet visit ten more times as many dealers as you did with ordinary ways. You can also see detailed pictures of used RVs for sale that are listed by private sellers before going out of your way to physically see the used RV. Hence, as I always suggest that you could get a much better bargain for the same exact used RV from a private seller than you can get from a dealership. Remember, that dealership is in business to make money, and private sellers are in business of getting rid of their used RV, to upgrade or use the cash generated.

Now you can literally shop for the used RV you want not only at the dealers that are next to your house, work or nephews house, you could literally shop at dealer or private seller in California, and a minute later be browsing what is offer in Ohio. Hence, markets across the nation for used RVs online, and offline is not mirrored. For example, the demand for heated seats in the Arizona desert would not be as high as New York. I will dedicate a whole section for the things you should take advantages of by shopping from different states. Last, but not least before inquiring about used RVs, online you can also pre-qualify yourself by multiple lenders to finance the used RV. The Internet has made it possible for almost every credit situation to be financed. I will dedicate an article, and a page to the subject of financing, and using the Internet to get into your objective with the least financing expenses possible.

Right Places to Find Old Motorhomes

February 3, 2009

Older models of motorhomes are out there everywhere for sale. They are on the lots, privately for sale and everything in between! This is not such a bad thing though, because those ones that have been barely taken out on the roads are the diamonds in the rough. These types of old motorhomes for sale are not as rare as one may first think! So many barely used motorhomes sit in the parking garages and driveways of many just waiting to be bought by a family wanting to utilize it.

Used MotorhomesThere are those motorhomes with high mileage of many years pertaining to numerous fulfilled happy vacations, but then there are those newly bought, used once and parked to gather dust. The least used will be those of higher priced between the two extremes of used motorhomes for sale. The decision of which variation to choose is all up to you and your family needs. There are many points to look at when making your investment choices over which used R.V. is the right one to purchase.

There will be many things to consider besides prices. One of the first things to be considered is the original mileage of the pre-owned motorhome. This will give you a good idea of the wear and tear within the engine that could cost you more than the original for sale price savings later on. There is also the sink and bathroom system. No matter is the highest class or the most basic, you do not want to buy any motorhome home that will cost you in redoing the interior if you were not planning on modifications during your final purchasing.

If wanting to save larger amounts of money when purchasing pre-owned recreational vehicles, inside amenities or the bare necessities of choices are at your hand. If you are buying from a private owner, it is up to the purchaser for making sure everything properly works inside and out of the used motorhome. Old motorhomes or rv for sale can also be found upon new and used lots and dealerships. These pre-owned motorhomes are thoroughly checked from top to bottom for engine, interior, and exterior maintenance.

So where exactly do you find old motorhomes for sale? There are the private owners in the local papers and regional ads, there are the local recreational vehicles  or travel trailers sales lots and direct dealerships, and then there are local, regional and national websites all over the Internet to choose from. It is important to use several of these resources before buying. There are so many ways to research a motorhome today before purchasing your family investment that it is hard to go wrong!

Buying Your First RV

February 2, 2009

Buying an RV for the first time can be a daunting experience. The nature of a mobile home, fifth wheel or travel trailer makes them as complicated as a new home purchase but as potentially dodgy as a used car. There is also the danger of the wow effect clouding your judgment. Often first time buyers find themselves falling in love with one or another RV for less than practical reasons.

Preventing this wow effect is important and easy enough to solve. Before setting foot on an RV lot it is best to sit down and make a list of what things are important to you in your mobile home. Even if you don’t know what features are commonly found in a typical RV simply think about what you want out of your new purchase. What sort of trips do you plan to take? How long will you be gone and what appliances or storage will you need for a trip of that length? What will you want to do during your down-time? Will you need a TV? Figure out how you want to live on the road and decide what are necessities to you. Then look for RVs that solve these problems. Knowing exactly what you expect will put you in more of a practical mindset when it comes time to start shopping for an RV.

Next you should decide whether you want a new or used RV. The advantages/disadvantages are roughly the same as those with a car. Used RVs are typically a better value but new RVs come with no wear and tear and are often backed up with a warranty and repair agreement. Both motorhomes and travel trailers have a lot more ways to break making used RVs more likely to have hidden problems. While a car only has three or four major systems RVs have everything from a suspension system to a toilet and a full electrical system to the structural integrity issues of a rolling house that must be considered. If you decide to buy a used RV try to find one for sale from a reputable business and always bring along an experienced RVer you trust who can help you look for potential pitfalls.

Once you’ve found the vehicle you want to buy sit down and work out the extra costs. Figure out the taxes, registration fees, insurance, etc. Also consider any repairs or extras you plan to add to it. Make sure that it’s entirely road worthy with good tires and, in the case of motor homes, a well running engine and make sure you understand the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Anything and everything that can potentially add to the expenses of the vehicle must be considered as part of the sticker cost.

International Truck and Engine Corporation to Enter RV Market

November 6, 2008

The auto industry is a continually growing trade with companies expanding their businesses to other parts of the auto market. International Truck and Engine Corporation, a leading manufacturer of medium and heavy trucks, recently announced that they will be branching out their business in the RV territory.

The truck manufacturer recently entered into an agreement with Conquest Motorhomes which will see International Truck and Engine as the sole provider of chassis and cab to the Conquest. The Conquest Motorhomes is a division of Gulf Stream Coach, a leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles or RVs. This partnership between the two huge companies will surely make waves in the RV industry.

The partnership was announced by Steve Guillaume, the General Manager for Medium Truck, International and during the announcement, Guillaume was saying that: “This partnership is a tremendous growth opportunity for us. The Class C motor home market represents a substantial portion of a growing industry – approximately 33 percent of the total motorized RV market. Once again, International is challenging convention as this is a great opportunity to leverage the scale of our core business and generate growth outside of the commercial trucking sector.”

International will be providing cab and chassis for Gulf Stream’s Class C diesel motorhomes. International already received an order for 625 DuraStar chassis which shows that the partnership is indeed benefiting the two companies. The number of orders placed by Gulf Stream is expected to increase as time goes on and their partnership becomes stronger.

International Truck and Engine has been working with Workhorse Custom Chassis in order for International to break into the profitable RV industry. The effort paid off when they partnered with the leading manufacture of RV motorhomes. Models from the Gulf Stream that will be using the chassis from International Truck and Engine are the Super Nova and the Gladiator.

Jim Johnson, the Vice President of Operations, Conquest Motorhome Division for Gulf Stream Coach, has this to say about their partnership with International Truck and Engine: “When a leader in the commercial truck industry collaborates with a leader in the RV industry to build a great product, RV customers are going to be the big winners. Moreover, our industry is coming into its sweet spot for growth as population and demographic trends favor long-term RV market growth. Buyers aged 35-54 are the largest and fastest growing segment of RV owners. Every day, 11,000 Americans turn 50. This is a huge plus for International, because the International nameplate is viewed very favorably by that demographic.”

The partnership between these two companies will surely benefit the consumers of the RV industry. With the combined expertise and experience of the two companies, they can provide good service to their consumers. Innovations in the RV industry in terms of chassis design may also be a result of this partnership. With reliable chassis, as reliable as Nissan struts, and the know-how of Gulf Stream in motorhome manufacturing, the partnership can indeed bring the RV industry to a profitable future.

Information about RV Park Model

September 23, 2008

If you are ready to slide into the RV Life and leave the headaches of home and yard maintenance behind read on. We are not talking about RV life on the open road.  We are talking settling down in an RV Park and enjoying the good life you deserve.  A place where you can spend your days golfing, swimming, playing cards, having patio parties with your friends and so on until you contemplate going back to work just to get some rest. A modern RV Park located in one of our southern states can be a great place to spend your winters.  You just might decide to join the growing trend and become a year round resident.

If you are ready to slide into the RV Life and leave the headaches of home and yard maintenance behind read on.

We are not talking about RV life on the open road.  We are talking settling down in an RV Park and enjoying the good life you deserve.  A place where you can spend your days golfing, swimming, playing cards, having patio parties with your friends and so on until you contemplate going back to work just to get some rest.

A modern RV Park located in one of our southern states can be a great place to spend your winters.  You just might decide to join the growing trend and become a year round resident.

The most comfortable accommodation in an RV Park Model.  Many parks have a handful or so of these units set up as rentals.  Renting a Park Model is the perfect way to find out if the lifestyle is right for you and if the park is right for you.

When you find the park that is a comfortable fit for you it is time to consider a Park Model of your own.  Now is the time to really start doing your homework.  The industry is full of companies that come and go.  It is full of companies that do not care about their reputations or their customers.

Start by talking to all of your new friends in the park you want to set up a permanent residence in.  Find out from them the companies they dealt with and how they were treated.  If Joe bought his home from xyz company and had nothing but trouble it might be good to stay away from them.  If you ask enough people you should come up with one or two companies that your neighbors have been happy with.

Park Model dealers, like car dealers, have found a gold mine in add-ons and financing.  They are more than happy to contract the set-up, the awnings and skirting, the Arizona room and so on.  Of course they can wrap all of this up into the financing for you.  Would you rather pay an extra $10.00 a month for the new vinyl skirting or five hundred out of pocket to the same company to do the same job.  You will save thousands of dollars by contracting the work yourself.

Most of the time the dealer will contract the set-up and add-ons out to the lowest bidder.  It is important, when talking to your neighbors, to find out who did all their work and were they happy.  Did they show up when they said they would.  Were the workmen professional.  Did the salesman answer all of your questions or was he just interested on selling you more stuff.

A package deal usually means you will be dealing with a set-up company, an awning company, an A/C and heating company and possibly a building contractor for the room addition.  The best deal in the world is not worth the price if any of these companies turn into a huge pain in your backside.  Make sure you have names and references for all of the companies that will be working on your new Park Model.

Another benefit of talking to all of the locals is that your park may have a handyman or two that can do a lot of the work for you at substantial savings.  You will quickly learn that not everybody in an RV Park is retired.  There are many that hold regular jobs and many more that just sub themselves out around the park.  Their prices are usually very reasonable and it is very easy to check out the quality of work you can expect.  They have worked all over the park and are usually very happy to walk you around and show you different jobs they have done.

If you go the “in park help” rout be careful of one common mistake made by many new Park Model owners.  It is far better to hire someone that will do the job for a price and can show you some of his work than to invite all of the over helpful neighbors over for beers and a little awning building.  One of the nice things about RV Parks is that everyone is friendly and will do anything to help a new neighbor.  You will need to decide what needs left to the experts and what you could use a hand with.