International Truck and Engine Corporation to Enter RV Market

November 6, 2008

The auto industry is a continually growing trade with companies expanding their businesses to other parts of the auto market. International Truck and Engine Corporation, a leading manufacturer of medium and heavy trucks, recently announced that they will be branching out their business in the RV territory.

The truck manufacturer recently entered into an agreement with Conquest Motorhomes which will see International Truck and Engine as the sole provider of chassis and cab to the Conquest. The Conquest Motorhomes is a division of Gulf Stream Coach, a leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles or RVs. This partnership between the two huge companies will surely make waves in the RV industry.

The partnership was announced by Steve Guillaume, the General Manager for Medium Truck, International and during the announcement, Guillaume was saying that: “This partnership is a tremendous growth opportunity for us. The Class C motor home market represents a substantial portion of a growing industry – approximately 33 percent of the total motorized RV market. Once again, International is challenging convention as this is a great opportunity to leverage the scale of our core business and generate growth outside of the commercial trucking sector.”

International will be providing cab and chassis for Gulf Stream’s Class C diesel motorhomes. International already received an order for 625 DuraStar chassis which shows that the partnership is indeed benefiting the two companies. The number of orders placed by Gulf Stream is expected to increase as time goes on and their partnership becomes stronger.

International Truck and Engine has been working with Workhorse Custom Chassis in order for International to break into the profitable RV industry. The effort paid off when they partnered with the leading manufacture of RV motorhomes. Models from the Gulf Stream that will be using the chassis from International Truck and Engine are the Super Nova and the Gladiator.

Jim Johnson, the Vice President of Operations, Conquest Motorhome Division for Gulf Stream Coach, has this to say about their partnership with International Truck and Engine: “When a leader in the commercial truck industry collaborates with a leader in the RV industry to build a great product, RV customers are going to be the big winners. Moreover, our industry is coming into its sweet spot for growth as population and demographic trends favor long-term RV market growth. Buyers aged 35-54 are the largest and fastest growing segment of RV owners. Every day, 11,000 Americans turn 50. This is a huge plus for International, because the International nameplate is viewed very favorably by that demographic.”

The partnership between these two companies will surely benefit the consumers of the RV industry. With the combined expertise and experience of the two companies, they can provide good service to their consumers. Innovations in the RV industry in terms of chassis design may also be a result of this partnership. With reliable chassis, as reliable as Nissan struts, and the know-how of Gulf Stream in motorhome manufacturing, the partnership can indeed bring the RV industry to a profitable future.


International Trucks – Ahead in Customer Satisfaction!

June 4, 2008

The interesting logo of the International Truck and Engine Corporation inspires confidence in truckers and truck lovers across over 90 countries around the world. The company manufactures automotive trucks, buses, school buses, diesel engines and chassis. It also designs and manufactures private diesel engines for SUVs, pick-up trucks and vans. Like other reputable companies such as Ford, Isuzu and GMC Navistar International also manufactures rental trucks for Budget Rental Truck.

The International Harvesting Company was formed in 1902 in Chicago, Illinois, as a result of the merger of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and the Deering Harvester Company. In the following three decades the company diversified to include manufacturing of farming equipment, gar turbines, construction equipment, trucks, buses and allied components. It was in the mid 1980s that the company began to downsize and concentrated its operations on International truck and engine manufacturing. It retained its original logo and also its excellent reputation in customer satisfaction. The Navistar International Corporation is the parent company of the International Truck and Engine Company.Today International truck and engine are regarded as the best and assure customer satisfaction each and every time. International Truck and Engine Corporation understands the financial constraints that customers often face and hence has a subsidiary, Navistar Financial Corporation that takes care of this aspect. It also sells through its wide and diverse International truck dealers network new as well as used trucks. Whatever the choice the customer is always guaranteed the utmost level of satisfaction in service.

The diesel range of International engines have now been named ‘Maxxforce’. Thus the name of the truck engine will be Maxxforce, followed by the approximate number of the engine’s displacement. The company endeavors to provide its truckers the best driving experience and hence offers interior packages to suit the driver’s needs. The International Chrome Package for International Class 8 trucks offer a trendy look and reliable service with top grade 304, non-magnetic, non-corroding stainless steel.Medium and heavy duty International trucks are used in many different vocations and markets such as hauling freight, construction, pickup and delivery, over the road, military, corporate, school buses, emergency services, utility and governments. Some of the heavy duty and medium duty trucks offered by International include the International 9900, International CityStar, International ProStar, International DuraStar, International PayStar and International TranStar

It has always been International Truck and Engine Corporation’s effort to provide their customers the very best service. They have even designed the International WorkStar in a multi-piece manner, which essentially means that in case of any damage only one part will have to be replaced rather than the whole unit. International truck parts are available easily and are characterized by their superior quality and reliability.The International truck dealers network ensures that truckers are able to find the parts they want in minimum time. International won the 2006 JD Power Award and has the highest customer satisfaction rate among Vocational Class 8 customers. When it comes to brand loyalty International is far beyond its competitors and 91% International vocational truck drivers say that they would replace their current truck only with an International because of the superior performance of the trucks and excellent customer service.